Skyview Heights Homeowners’ Garbage Disposal Information

Parsippany Township SanitationDepartment provides garbage and waste disposal. Full information about services provided can be found at the Parsippany Township Sanitation Department website:

Hazardous Waste is handled by the MorrisCounty Utilities Authority: . Atthis site you can see schedules for hazardous waste disposal, and sign up for Morris County email notices.

A summary of some of the services for Parsippany Township and Skyview Heights residents is shown below.

Mondays: Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste (April through November)

Wednesdays (even days): Cardboard pickup.

Thursday: Garbage

There are always two garbage pickups per week. In weeks where holidays fall, the pickup days may be altered – please see the schedule for those weeks. The pickup schedule is found in the Town Planner distributed at the end of the year by the Parsippany Township. If you don’t receive a Town Planner, contact the Mayor’s Office at 973-263-4262. You can also find the schedule at:

Unusual items such as pieces of furniture, and appliances will be picked up if you call the Sanitation Department at (973) 263-7273 first.

Skyview Heights development is District 1 on the Parsippany Sanitation pickup schedule.


Always put your materials out to the curb the night before your collection day. The Township Sanitation/Recycling trucks start at 6:00a.m. Remember - Sanitation/Recycling trucks are not on a schedule. One week your containers may be picked up at 10:00 AM and the next week at 6:30AM. Please have all items for pick - up at the curb by 6:00AM.

Containers for solid waste, recycling and yard waste (Paper Bags preferred) cannot be larger than 35 gallons and heavier than 60 lbs. when filled.

Recycling See single stream recycling. See Parsippany Sanitation website for details.

Solid Waste Whenever possible, we ask residents to dispose of household refuse in plastic bags before placing in refuse containers. This allows our crews to move more easily through the routes. All refuse containers must be commercially manufactured and intended specifically for the purposes of containing refuse. These containers cannot be larger than 35 gallons and heavier than 60 lbs when filled. Containers not meeting these specifications will not be emptied.

Corrugated Cardboard: Cardboard must be flattened and tied in bundles no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet or stacked in another box. Bundles must be free of foreign material and may not include chipboard such as pizza, soap, cereal and gift boxes. Collection in Districts 1, 2 & 4 will be on EVEN DATED Wednesday; Districts 3, 5 & 6 on ODD DATED Wednesdays. There is no collection during a holiday week.

Vegetative & Yard Waste All vegetative waste including grass clippings, leaves, twigs, garden refuse, shrub trimmings, and tree branches up to 3 inches in diameter and up to 3 feet long must be recycled. Large paper bags or hard reusable containers (Maximum 60 lbs.) properly marked "Yard Waste" must be used. Yard waste in plastic bags will NOT be collected, but they may be brought to the recycling center and dumped out. Branches, twigs and brush must be tied in bundles.

IMPORTANT: No Logs or stumps will be picked up at the curbside. They must be brought to the recycling center.

Recycling Center

The Parsippany Township Recycling Center is located on Pumphouse Road off Route 46E. Directions:

Route 46 West:

Proceed past intersection of Route 202. At the next traffic light (Waterview Blvd.), take jug handle to right, cross over Route 46 and go straight. Follow the signs to the Recycling Center.

Route 46 East:

Make a right turn at the traffic light on Waterview Blvd.(after the Parsippany Police Station). Follow signs to the Recycling Center.

Monday Through Friday: 8:00 AM - 2:15 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM – 11:45 AM

Residents may drop off yard waste, recyclables, and metal items.


Any hazardous materials will not be accepted at the Recycling Center. For example, oil based paints, pool chemicals, anti-freeze, pesticides, asbestos, driveway sealant, etc.

The following items must be taken to the Recycling Center:

· All construction material (wood, concrete, toilets, sinks, roof shingles, tiling, fencing, sheet rock, railroad ties, and cabinets)

· Stumps and logs (no higher than 3 ft.)

· Tires without rims

· Empty or dried out latex paint cans

· Batteries

· Electronics

· Propane tanks(valve removed)

· Used motor oil(max. 3 gallons per visit).

Recycling bins for used clothing and shoes are located at the recycling center. Please make sure that all clothing items are in good reusable condition and placed in plastic bags. Rags and ripped/torn clothing will not be accepted.